What is stopping you from starting your own FM radio station?

I don’t have any radio experience.” Mulcher Broadcasting has helped people all over the US, from all backgrounds – often with little or no prior experience in the radio business – get their station up and running.

I live in a small rural town and I didn’t think anyone would come out here to help me.” Our services cover every state in America and all the US territories. So whether you want to broadcast in a large city, a small town – on-shore or off – we can help you.

Doesn’t it cost a lot to start up an FM station?” It’s much less expensive than you might think! We’ve helped retirees, small businesses, schools, churches, and community groups get their stations successfully up and running on limited budgets.

Isn’t starting a station really technical?” Our industry veterans provide you with all the expert information you need at every stage in easy to understand language. And they’re available when you need them to answer your questions. They’ll provide you with the technical expertise you need to help you get your radio station up and running and on the air.

I don’t know how to get started.” Now that’s easy! Just fill out the form at right and send it in to us today.