CD Duplication vs Replication: A Quick Look At The Differences

As a band just starting out in the world of music, deciding how to release your material can be difficult and there are lots of things to consider.

You’ll have to make a decision on the album artwork, the songs you want to release, the price and even the length of the album itself. However, the most important decision you’ll have to make, and the most basic one, is the format in which you release your material.

There are plenty of options out there for formats, such as the ever-growing digital world of streaming, the traditional route of CDs, or a nod to the nostalgic with vinyl, and each one has their individual merits.

But, if you opt for CDs, there are lots of things you may not know, including the differences between CD duplication and replication. Here, we’ve given you the low-down.

How are they made?

One of the main differences between CD duplication and replication is the way in which they’re made.

CD duplication is the process of burning data onto pre-manufactured discs using lasers, in a similar way to burning CDs onto blank discs from your own personal computer, albeit on a much bigger scale. In this process, your material’s data is essentially overlain onto a pre-existing disc.

CD replication, on the other hand, is the physical process during which CDs are manufactured from scratch. Rather than just overlaying your data onto an existing CD, your material is built into the CD itself. This is done by pressing the discs from a glass master which contains all of your data provided to the CD producer.

For more information on these processes, check out the VDC Group page on duplication and replication.

When should I use CD duplication?

Because of these differences in manufacturing, each process is more suited to different purposes.

CD duplication is a great choice for those wanting a small number of units, especially if you’re wanting 500 CDs or less. This is because the process is much less task-heavy than replication, only requiring burning data rather than manual labour, so is much more cost-effective for smaller units.

Similarly, duplication has a much shorter turnaround time and so it’s perfect for those needing their products as soon as possible. Because there are fewer stages in duplication, you can often get your CDs in just a few days.

Finally, duplication is the best option if you think the data may change at the last minute. Due to the data being overlain onto a disc, it can be re-recorded relatively easily, meaning you can change it without as much hassle.

This post by The Balance has some more helpful tips.

When should I use CD Replication?

Replication, on the other hand, is much more useful in certain situations.

For those wanting large quantities of units, such as 500 or more, replication often works out as the better investment. Although it will cost more in manpower and creating a glass master, the more you order, the more in proportion these extra fees will be.

Plus, this is often worth the extra cost due to replication producing a superior disc. Because the data is built into the disc rather than just recorded over the top, the process maintains the integrity of the data much better and produces a higher quality sound.

Youtube to MP3 Guide

The most popular video-watching site, YouTube has a rich content of music and podcasts, did you even know that you could convert Youtube videos to MP3 for free? There are different ways to convert videos on YouTube to MP3. For YouTube to MP3 conversion, you can download apps on your computer, add plugins to your browser or convert directly via internet services.

Using an App

One of the best programs you can use for YouTube to MP3 conversion is the program called Free YouTube to MP3 Converter developed by DVD Video Soft. To use the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter program, we first install the program from the website below:

After downloading the program and installing it on the computer, we open it. Then we copy the link to the video we will convert on YouTube.

Then we go back to the app and click on the “paste” button on the left side. Finally, by clicking on the “download” button on the top right-hand corner, we perform YouTube MP3 conversion.

Using a Plugin

If you are using a browser like Firefox or Chrome, there are plenty of plugins available for users to install. By using a Youtube to MP3 converter plugin, you can download the MP3 while you are watching the video on Youtube.

Using a Web Service

If the videos you are converting are shorter than 20 minutes, you may use an internet service to convert videos to  MP3. However, if you convert longer videos, you will have to use a software for the best result. By searching “Youtube to MP3” on your favorite search engine, you can find a free web service that works for you.

Why Do We Like Music?

It does not matter who you are or how old you are, the one thing that most of us have in common is that we like music. Have you ever stopped to wonder why we like music? Although, it is true that we don’t all like the same types of music but, in general, we all like some type of music. Music is as vast as the ears that listen to it. From oldies and soft rock to rap and jazz there is some genre of music out there that will match your own personality and style. So, we must ask this question again, why is it about music that turns us on? You may not be aware of this but music has been around for tens of thousands of years. According to an article, no one quite knows what purpose music serves, if it even has a purpose at all. According to scientist, there is a section contained within one’s brain that acts as a music center that processes the musical notes then sends them across various sections of the brain. There have been plenty of music studies involving the brain on music as well as each individual’s emotional response to music. What was discovered was that the brain creates a blood flow that rises and falls in various sections based on what type of music is playing. This blood flow is responsible for the emotions and arousals that you get when you listen to music.

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Guns N’ Roses Concert at Air Canada Centre

Guns N’ Roses are the hottest classical rock band, and they are coming back to Canada, Toronto this year again. Their world tour started a long time ago in April 2016, and it looks like they are not finishing their world tour anytime soon. You can book your concert tickets at

Some Facts about Guns N’ Roses

The beginning

After moving from Indiana to Los Angeles in 1982, Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin set up Guns N ‘Roses in 1985, along with the band named Rose and Hollywood Rose, and then Tracii Guns, Ole Beich and Rob Gardener have joined the band. But later Tracii, Beich and Gardener left. Tracii Guns would then have the famous L.A Guns. Then the legendary guitarist Slash, bass Duff Mc Kagan and drummer Steven Adler joined the group. Thus, the classic staff was formed.

20 Million copies sold

Their first work, “Appetite For Destruction,” sold 20 million copies worldwide in the production of Mike Clink, and managed to be number one on the list a year later.

“Welcome to the Jungle” was used in Clint Eastwood’s movie “Dead Pool”, another track that managed to get into the lists.

Bad Boys

Despite their participation in the “Farm Aid IV” aid concert, the GNR name was always mentioned with criticism about the attacks that disturb drugs, drinks and society. They were looking at a caricature of the 60s; Stradlin fired at people over the air, Slash and McKagan swearing alive at the AMA awards, Rose and Everly were constantly leaving and making peace over and over again.

Kids and Radio Broad Casting

Kids and live broadcasting is a bad mix, we had a group of kids and teachers in here doing some promo work for an upcoming bike safety week, these kids were full of beans, running up and down the studio, laughing, giggling and shouting but as soon as you get them behind a microphone they freeze up and give one word answers only. It ended up being me and one of the teachers doing the talking even though the kids had a full skit written up and had been practicing it all week. But the worst came when we went to take some photos and upon leaving the studio one of the kids hit the switch and we broadcast a full 12 minutes of an empty studio, which doesnt sound to bad but its when you try and squeeze the ads that were in that 12 minutes back into the rest of the day is when the trouble starts.