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Radio Blog

Friday 23 June 2017 - Almost had an advertiser pull their contract today, it seems by chance him and his wife he were driving home from the cinemas when one of his advertisements for garage doors came on followed by the night DJs own choice of song (which he is not supposed to do) which had more F-bombs in it than that rental car scene off Planes Trains and Automobiles. I had to make several apologies to him but it wasnt until I promised Ill play a Neil Diamond song every lunchtime for the whole week that hed keep the contract, bah. Im going over ideas on what to do with the night DJ gets in, Im tossing up between getting him tar and feathered and driving him through town on the back of my truck for a bit of promo or getting him to attend a womans rights evening asking for the woman to give the vote back to men while doing a live broadcast. Hmm I might just go with tar and feathering as I fear for my own safety when I get home to my wife.
Wednesday 21 June 2017 - Im just fed up with DJs thinking they call the shots around here and why does every DJ think there idea for running a radio station is better than everything else and has never been tried before. I mean dont you think all of these companies putting millions into research and market tests would have thought of that already? If someone truly has something different that gains ratings and listeners I challenge them to get underway, because I havent seen it for a while and the industry needs it.
Monday 19 June 2017 - I have had this station going for a while now and overtime you get a lot of crap sent to you by all sorts of sales reps, producers and local companies wanting some free airtime, which can be a pain but whatever isnt useful or any interest you just give it away as a prize, I mean half this junk I couldnt even give away to someone on the street, but if you give it away as a prize on the radio, oh boy do they all want it. I bet if I gave parking tickets out as a prize people would still be ringing in.

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