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We can help you start a FM radio station

1Welcome to Mulcher Broadcasting. We have over 13 years experience helping hundreds of people around the world with starting up FM radio stations.

These stations have ranged from small, inexpensive low power FM operations, right through to fully-featured radio stations broadcasting on full power FM frequencies across large areas. We have hundreds of customers located throughout North America, Europe, Australasia, Africa and many other parts of the world.

Even if you don't yet have experience in the industry, we can help you to achieve your ambition to start a FM radio station. And if you do have industry experience already, we can quickly get you up to speed on the next steps to help make your dream of running your own radio station into a reality. If you want to start up a FM radio station and need help with any of the following we can help you with:

- where to start and who to contact
- what type of FM license you will need
- cost estimates based on the different licensing options
- the best way (and time) to apply for a license
- details on music royalty licenses - how much these cost and how they work
- help with minimizing your startup costs
- other useful advice for first time radio station owners
- and more...

We carefully explain all necessary radio concepts to ensure you understand everything. We don't bombard you with radio jargon - we speak in plain english! Our record speaks for itself. We have helped set up a large number of radio stations around the world.

We can help you even if:

- you don't have any previous experience in broadcasting
- you don't understand how the technical side of radio works
- you are working to a specific budget

The following is some unsolicited feedback we have received from our customers:

“Hello Tony! I read through your email that you sent. There is a lot of interesting information there and I am going over it again to make sure I understand everything clearly. I has been very helpful to me. I appreciate everything you have sent and the trouble you have gone to for me. I hope that thanks is enough for now. I am really interested in all of this and thank you so much for your advise and you opinions because it would seem that after having everything explained that you clearly know how to get things started.”
[ Jerry - Musktogee, Oklahoma ]

“See this is what I mean way more than my monies worth. Yes that is very helpful indeed. I am glad I came to you. At least I feel I have direction, again because of you. Your options are worth more than just a look at. Again thank you sooo much Tony. Sorry if I keep coming back to you. Its just that you have been the most help and experienced through all of this.”
[ Joseph - Honolulu, Hawaii ]

”Thank you so much...! You have no Idea how much the info you sent has helped us start getting organized and we are still in the very early stages of putting the station together but you've provided an amazing service... Thank you so much again!”
[ Colin – Bermuda ]

“The information you sent me is absolutely superb. You have greatly surpassed my expecations and most importantly, saved me a considerable amount of time and effort. I would never have been able to find out the detailed information that you sent using my own research and you have given me the encouragement that I need!”
[ Sam – London, UK ]

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