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When you are considering whether to set up a FM radio station in the USA, it is essential to bear in mind a number of important points. These include:

  • Which type of FM license to apply for
  • How best to structure the radio station
  • What personnel will be required
  • Where the studio should be located
  • Where your FM transmitter should be located (whether at your studio location or a remote site)

In addition, many of our customers come to us with questions surrounding these issues involved with the set up of a FM radio station:

  • The differences between the types of available licenses
  • Organizations you need to make contact with
  • What obligations there are with regards to music licensing and paying royalties
  • Approximate costs to establish a FM radio station and ongoing costs
  • The exact process to obtain a FM frequency
  • What transmission and studio equipment is needed

... plus many other issues.

We can advise you on all these issues and provide additional information and recommendations to help you out. If you are considering how to set up a FM radio station in the USA, it is critical to obtain professional advice and guidance at the outset, to ensure you fully understand the process and all that is involved.

We have extensive experience providing consultancy services for people wanting to develop radio stations. We have built a reputation for quality installations as well as an ability to work within tight budgets.

Please visit our services page to receive information and recommendations you need to set up a FM radio station.


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