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Station types

In the US
Most people are unaware that there are different FM station types to choose from. The ideal one depends on your situation, budget, target audience, broadcasting range and station location. Several options are available to you, these are low power, full power, non-commercial educational and internet streaming.

Non-profit organisations often prefer low power FM licenses over the other options. Any money made from the station must go back into it, so it's best suited to government, education and community groups. It uses less power than commercial radio stations, with a coverage of up to 10 miles and a maximum output of 100W.

On the other hand, if this doesn't sound like the right choice for you, full power FM might be more fitting if you're looking to make a profit. Commercial frequencies can be more complex to set up than low power stations, so you need someone with inside industry experience. Full power FM stations can broadcast your opinions and music selections to a much larger listening audience than the low-power stations.

In addition there is a licensing option available which allows for higher powered community broadcasting. This is the non-commercial educational license which allows for a much higher broadcast wattage than low power FM stations – meaning you can provide coverage to a much larger geographic area.

Internet streaming is another possibility. Not only does streaming allow you to broadcast live audio content, it also lets you pre-record and then release your material at a later date. You can stream from the comfort of your own home, as well as anywhere else you would like to set up.

We also assist people in other countries. As an example, in Australia the regulations are different:

We can provide you with comprehensive information on the type(s) of radio station that can be established in your region of Australia. Some of the available formats in Australia include:

  • Low power open narrowcasting
  • Commercial FM broadcasting
  • Community FM broadcasting

If these options don't appeal or are not available in your area, you have one other way to start up an FM radio station. You are able to establish a station that streams on the internet. It will be available to a worldwide audience and can stream in your choice of format. Common formats include Winamp and Windows Media Player, although generally we recommend the latter as most people won't need to download any additional software to listen to your station. This type of radio station can use a great deal of bandwidth, so it is important to have a fast speed internet connection with a high data cap limit.


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