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The following are unsolicited testimonials we’ve received from our customers:

"Hey Tony, I have just finished reading the entire content of the documents you sent me and I first of all I must say I am very impressed. The information was very detailed, relatively concise and extremely helpful. As I browsed your website and all of the testimonials listed, I really had my reservations because I didn't see a single negative comment made so I thought it was all propaganda. However, now I see that this can all be explained simply by the fact that your service is really just that good. Thank you so much for your help and God bless!"
Antoine - Atlanta, Georgia

"Tony, Again… Thank you. Your past few emails have made the money I spent with your company a very good investment. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge."
Kipp - Saint Cloud, Minnesota

"Thanks Tony! You certainly are worth your fee!!"
Katrina - Los Angeles, California

"Tony, Thank you very much for the comprehensive analysis."
Kabir - Chicago, Illinois

"Hello Tony! I read through your email that you sent. There is alot of interesting information there and I am going over it again to make sure I understand everything clearly. It has been very helpful to me. I appreciate everything you have sent and the trouble you have gone to for me. I am really interested in all of this and thank you so much for your advice and your opinions because it would seem after having everything explained that you clearly know how to get things started."
Jerry - Muskogee, Oklahoma

"Hi Tony, Thank you for all of your invaluable information; the information you have sent me is clear, concise, and will be of great value in directing us in how, when, where to begin our broadcasting plans."
Theresa - Sharpsville, Indiana

"Hi Tony, Thanks for all of the information. I appreciate it. It was well worth it"
Alex - Chehalis, Washington

"This helps a lot, and I thank you so much for your information. You really know your stuff... Thank you so very much for your valuable information."
Gregory - Edgewood, Maryland

"Thank you for the information it was well worth having and I recommend it to anyone that has such aspirations as to start in a broadcast business. Thank you Tony you have been so much help I could not recommend you highly enough."
Michael - Midwat, Georgia

"Your information have been very helpful to enhance my knowledge of this subject and to make a good choice."
Manuel - Doral, Florida

"Thanks Tony for the valuable info... Again thank you for your input and advice ...I really value it..."
Keith - Toccoa, Georgia

"See this is what i mean way more than my monies worth. yes that is very helpful indeed. i am glad i came to you. At least i feel i have direction, again because of you. Your options are worth more than just a look at. Again thank you sooo much Tony…
you have been the most help and experienced through all of this."
Joseph - Honolulu, Hawaii

"Thank you so much...! You have no Idea how much the info you sent has helped us start getting organized and we are still in the very early stages of putting the station together but you've provided an amazing service... Thank you so much again!!!!:
Colin – Bermuda

"That is incredible. What a service"
Robert - Castries, St Lucia

"Thanks for the info. Its been great help"
Iker - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Case Study

Ray came to us in 2007 with an idea he had got while on vacation celebrating his retirement. He’d come across a station playing a format that was not available in his home town and decided to start his own station. Ray wasn’t used to using software, but after receiving training and support from our technicians he was programming and scheduling like a pro in no time.

Ray says:
"I do appreciate all your good information and assistance Tony, it's a new experience with the FM station and I'm having an absolute ball with it. I have had quite a few teething problems, all self-caused, but I'm getting on top of it. We'll be world famous in no time.”

Paul came to us in October 2005 looking to start a low power FM radio station. He had no experience with radio but a passion for music and a few good ideas. The station’s main purpose was to be an advertising tool for his surf shop as well as providing support for community events and happenings. After around a month of swapping emails and ideas, we were able to find a format the fitted Paul’s requirements and we had the equipment sent to him and set up.

Paul says:
"It all came today and after about a 10 minute setup we were on air and booming live to our town. Will read all the other notes but wanted to say a huge thanks for all the gear and help. I will have a website up for the radio station in time and feature your gear and knowledge as another reference as it was very hard finding the right setup gear without your wonderful site and equipment."


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